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  Merry Christmas (17/12/2014)

The Rolplay team and all the staff wish to all players a Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Thanks for being there and for your neverending support... 

Rolplay Staff


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  Rolplay 2.1 is here (01/11/2014)

Today Rolplay has finally updated to version 2.1, you will find new cool features we are introducing with this version like:

- Card Crafting
New Cool Card designs
- New Shop completely redesigned 
- Game Play enhancements

Given the last changes we implemented on the Game rules, you will have to review your Decks and reasign your Learning Points to your Hero again.

Enjoy the new Version and thanks for being there!!

Rolplay Staff

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  End of Season 3 (18/05/2014)

Dear Rolplayers,

Today the third Season of Rolplay has finished and we have broken our own record with 16.108 players participating during the season. Thank you all for your participation, for your help and for enjoying while playing Rolplay.

See you in the fourth season!!!
Rolplay Staff

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  End of Season and new family member (11/05/2014)

I'm glad to announce a new addition to our Staff. His nick is lincelinx and he is one of those players who loves to enjoy Rolplay and at the same time helps everyday on improving it. Please, join me in welcoming Lince to our amazing family. 

Last but not least, next weekend, on 18th Sunday Third Rolplay Season will finish and a the fourth will come.  You all still count with one week to gain a position in the top and win amazing stuff! Do not miss it!!


Rolplay Crew

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  Rolplay 2.0 Released (02/02/2014)

With version 2.0 we have added a bunch of new functionalities!:

- Clan/Guild/Kingdom System
- A new cool Conquest System. Conquer Fortresses and Villages you get Legendary Cards
- Almost 100 new Cards
- Almost 50 new Card Skills
- New Avatar Skills- Campaign Extended System
- Friends and Messages Management
- Card Exchange
- Critical Bug Fixesekend you have an important appointment...


Rolplay Crew

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